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Anti-oxidant and Immune Support

Black seed oil contains 45mg/dose of thymoquinone (highest in the industry). This has 6 health patents. Modern science now has over 500 scientific medical papers showing the benefits in cancer, virus, bacteria and fungal support. It is extremely powerful and provides benefits fo diabetic neuropathy, IBD, liver and the digestive system. It will enhance your immune system.

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Helps to metabolize cholesterol and improve LDL and HDL balance. Helps to detoxify healthy fats and metabolizes (removes cholesteol). A proven blend of red yeast rice with Niacin, Reishi mushroom, B vitamins, and Methionine. Includes phytosterols which reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines. Take one capsule with food. Could experience slight flush with increased blood flow in capillaries (Lasts only about 10 minutes). Best to take 2-3 times daily but with food to slow the absorption of the niacin and reduce the flush. (If you have not experienced the Niacin flush it can be concerning as its a slight burning/itching feeling but harmless)