Joint Pain and Swelling

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In addition to causing pain and premature aging, inflammation is linked to nearly every disease known. The specific condition that a person is dealing with will determine the exact type of treatment their doctor may recommend. However, there are many generalities that can make a dramatic difference in the swelling and pain levels (c-reactive protein) in your body, especially as we age. (C-reactive protein is a ring-shaped protein found in the blood plasma, the levels of which rise in response to inflammation.) 

Chronic inflammation can have devastating effects, particularly as we age. Virtually all degenerative diseases that people suffer with are often connected to, or started by, this. Cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, atherosclerosis, liver disease, kidney disease – these all have inflammation as the underlying problem. 

Some products, such as Serrapeptase, can aid the natural mechanisms of the body in its efforts to lower the c-reactive protein levels, as well as provide other additional benefits.

The best healthcare practitioners treat every condition as a ‘whole body’ repair, hence the start of returning to optimal health is the same protocol. Since what you consume, and what your body is actually able to absorb, are key to your health, always start with an interior body cleansing. While it is important to eat the right foods, your stomach must then break down the food (Digest Best), and your intestinal tract must be healthy (The Friendly Trio) so you absorb what you eat.

 Taking the 46 essential nutrients, which includes the Essential Vitamins Plus vitamins, Omega More, and Greens/Berry (amino acids), is necessary to insure deficiencies are not part of the problem. For example, according to the American Medical Association, just trace amounts of copper are proven to be more powerful than aspirin as an anti-inflammatory, especially when combined with other trace minerals. Having this in your system as part of a normal regimen may eliminate some of the pain and discomfort without dangerous side effects of prescription or over-the-counter drugs. 

Once you have created a foundation for health with proper cleansing, proper diet, pure water, elimination of processed foods (or foods that may cause an allergic reaction), there are a few supplements that have proven over time to be very beneficial. 

Serratia Peptidase Enzyme

This enzyme, found in the product Serrapeptase, can aid the natural mechanisms of the body in its efforts to lower the c-reactive protein levels, as well as provide other additional benefits. Over thirty years of scientific research and proven case studies have shown the efficacy of this enzyme. Enerex introduced this to North America over 30 years ago, and they make the most effective enzyme on the market - sold as Serrapeptase.  

Pain X

This is a blend of the most powerful and proven natural pain relievers known. The best part is they also help with swelling, which is often the cause of pain. Perluxan(R) and Serrapeptase both have successful clinical studies. 

Essential Oils

In extensive testing, GPA, DHA, and GLA have all shown to exhibit an extremely positive impact on internal pain and swelling, as well as health issues connected to it (e.g., heart attacks and premature aging). A blended formula that provides an adequate amount of each from various sources, including borage oil, fish oil, and flax oil, is available in the Pharma Defense brand of Omega 3-6-9. 

Vitamin K and Copper

Studies of these have proven they suppress inflammatory cytokines. As we age, most everyone needs additional vitamin K to support the body’s natural defenses in its battle with pain and swelling. 

Glucosamine and MSN

These two nutrients have been thoroughly tested and shown to bring relief specifically to joint pain. They are both included in Healthy Joints by Enerex, along with silica which supports the body’s efforts to maintain and repair ligaments, tendons, and bones.

There are several other tested and proven substances that are readily available at your local health food store. (We would recommend you not go with the cheapest product available as you usually get what you pay for.) Companies that use heat and solvents to produce supplements can offer less expensive products. However, many of the active ingredients are then rendered useless, even though the ingredients label shows them as being in the bottle. Some of the tested, proven substances include extract of nettle leaf, SAMe, willow bark, and curcumin. Many of these must be combined with other ingredients to be absorbed (e.g., curcumin needs piperine from black pepper to work most effectively), so make sure you do your research in order to obtain the best benefits.